Mark Harrison – Smooth Jazz Piano

Mark Harrison - Smooth Jazz PianoМарк Харрисон – Спокойное джазовое фортепиано.

Книга и звуковые примеры. 2004 г.

(Keyboard Instruction). This comprehensive book and CD package will teach you the basic skills you need to play smooth jazz piano. From comping to soloing, you’ll learn the theory, the tools, and the tricks used by the pros. The accompanying CD features many of the examples in the book performed either solo or with a full band. Specifically, you’ll learn: scales and chords, harmony and voicings, progressions and comping, rhythmic concepts, melodies and soloing, characteristic stylings, the history of jazz, and more.
THE HAL LEONARD KEYBOARD STYLE SERIES provides focused lessons that contain valuable how-to insight, essential playing tips, and beneficial information for all players. Comprehensive treatment is given to each subject, complete with a companion CD.


1. What Is Smooth Jazz?
2. Scales and Chords

Major Scales and Modes
Pentatonic and Blues Scales
Natural and Melodic Minor Scales
Seventh (Four-Part) Chords and Alterations
Ninth (Five-Part) Chords and Alterations

3. Smooth Jazz Keyboard Harmony and Voicings

Voicing Concepts
Major Triad Inversions
Minor Triad Inversions
“Triad-Over-Root” Chord Voicings
Major Seventh Chord Inversions
Minor Seventh Chord Inversions
“Four-Part-Over-Root” Chord Voicings
“Seven-Three” Extended Chord Voicings.
“Double Fourth” Shapes and Chord Voicings

4. Smooth Jazz Progressions and Comping

Rhythmic Concepts
Straight Eighths Groove #1 – Style of “Stevie Wonderful”
Straight Eighths Groove #2 – Style of “She Likes to Watch”
Swing Eighths Groove #1 – Style of “I Meant What I Said”
Straight Sixteenths Groove #1 – Style of “Chopsticks”
Straight Sixteenths Groove #2 – Style of “Baby Come to Me”
Straight Sixteenths Groove #3 – Style of “Room to Breathe”
Straight Sixteenths Groove #4 (ballad) – Style of “Just to Be Loved”
Swing Sixteenths Groove #1 – Style of “Get It On”
Swing Sixteenths Groove #2 – Style of “Rejoyce”
Swing Sixteenths Groove #3 – Style of “PCH”

5. Smooth Jazz Melodies and Soloing

“Target Note” and “Scale Source” Concepts
Melodies Using Major and Minor Scales
Melodies Using Minor Pentatonic and Blues Scales
Soloing with Blues and Pentatonic Scales
Soloing with Dorian and Mixolydian Modes.
Soloing with Altered Scales Over Dominant Chords
Combining All Soloing Techniques

6. Style File

1. Live Inside Your Love
2. On the Slopes
3. Sweetest Dreams
4. Jacket and Tie
5. Listen to Me
6. Gotta Groove
7. Night Games
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