Mark Harrison — Contemporary Jazz Piano

Mark Harrison - Contemporary Jazz PianoМарк Харрисон: «Современное джазовое фортепиано».

Ноты для фортепиано.

(Keyboard Instruction). This comprehensive book/CD pack will teach you the basic skills needed to play the variety of styles that comprise contemporary jazz piano. From comping to soloing, you’ll learn the theory, tools, and techniques used by the pros. The accompanying CD demonstrates most of the music examples in the book. The full-band tracks feature the rhythm section on the left channel and the piano on the right channel, so you can play along with the band!

Like all of Mark Harrison’s books, this book fully explains the jazz chord progressions, substitutions and rhythms. There are two ways of looking at learning Jazz. One way is to just play and another way is to do a systematic progression of understanding how and what to play. I have not been gifted or talented enough to just sit down and play jazz. I’m one that likes to know what I’m playing and why. Like any music book, be prepared to do a lot of practicing.

The book will ask the player to implement technic skills such as jazz rhythms and fluid jazz runs with grace notes. The book comes with a cd so the player can compare his/her performance against the performance on the cd. This is not a book that will teach you to do jazz in one day. It is a book that will explain jazz, jazz comping styles, harmony, voicings, rhythmic varieties, and solo techniques. This book would be for the advanced keyboardist.


1. What Is Contemporary Jazz?
2. Scales and Chords

Major Scales and Modes
Pentatonic and Blues Scales
Natural and Melodic Minor Scales
Triads and Suspensions
7th (or Four-Part) Chords and Alterations
9th (or Five-Part) Chords and Alterations

3. Contemporary Jazz Keyboard Harmony and Voicings

Voicing Concepts
Major and Minor Triad Inversions
Triad-Over-Root Chord Voicings
Mixolydian 3rd Intervals and Patterns
Mixolydian Triads and Patterns
Dorian Triads and Patterns
Left-Hand Open-Triad Arpeggios
Pentatonic Scale Fills, and Use Over Chords
Four-Part Chord Inversions
Four-Part-Over-Root Chord Voicings
Seven-Three Extended Chord Voicings.
Double 4th/C!uster Shapes and Chord Voicings
Polychord Voicings

4. Contemporary Jazz Comping Styles

Rhythmic Concepts
Smooth Jazz
ECM-style Jazz
New Age Jazz
Acid Jazz
Nu Jazz (Jazztronica)

5. Contemporary Jazz Soloing Techniques

Target Note and Scale Source Concepts
Soloing Styles of:

Herbie Hancock.
Russell Ferrante
David Benoit
Joe Sample
Keiko Matsui

6. Style File

1. Man From Mars
2. Until My Ship Comes In
3. Joe’s Bones
4. Abstract Space
5. June’s Song
6. Acid Test
7. Future Groove
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