Mark Harrison – Intro To Jazz Piano

Mark Harrison - Intro to Jazz PianoМарк Харрисон: “Введение в джазовое фортепиано”.

Ноты, звуковые примеры.

Джазовое фортепиано от аккомпанемента до соло – теория, приемы, техника, используемые профессионалами.


1. Jazz music and jazz standards

2. Intro to jazz piano voicings and comping. The ii-V-I progression ; Seven-three chord voicings ; Jazz swing comping rhythms (swing eighths) ; Bossa nova comping rhythms (straight eighths) — Circle of 5ths and circle of 4ths review ; Major 7th, minor 7th, and dominant 7th chords in all keys ; ii-V-I progressions in all keys (seven-three voicings) ; ii-V-I progressions in all keys (seven-three voicings with doubling) ; Comping through “Autumn leaves” (jazz swing) ; Comping through “Blue bossa” (bossa nova)

3. More jazz piano voicings and patterns. Left-hand jazz swing pattern “in 2,” applied to “Autumn leaves” ; Left-hand bossa nova pattern “In 2,” applied to “Blue bossa” ; Seven-three extended chord voicings : over ii-V-I progressions in major and minor : applied to “Autumn Leaves” : applied to “Blue Bossa” ; Left-hand jazz swing pattern “In 4,” applied to “All the things you are” ; The jazz-blues progression in F ; Block (four-part) chord voicings : basic block voicings : adding 9ths (“9 for 1” substitution) ; ii-V-I progressions in all keys (block voicings) ; Comping through “Just friends” (jazz swing)

4. Intro to jazz piano melody treatment. The “seven-three below melody” technique : applied to melody in the style of “Autumn Leaves” : applied to melody in the style of “All the things you are” ; The top note voicing exercise ; The “Block voicing below melody” technique : Applied to melody in the style of “Just friends”

5. Intro to jazz piano soloing. Soloing techniques for jazz standards : rephrasing and anticipating melody : adding neighbor tones : adding arpeggios and target notes ; Soloing techniques for jazz-blues : using the “tonic” blues scale : using the “relative minor” blues scale ; Combining the “tonic” and “relative minor” blues scales

6. Style file. 1. Duke’s sweetheart ; 2. Carnival time ; 3. Stella by candlelight ; 4. Kitten up a tree ; 5. Cool blues.

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