Mark Harrison – Jazz-Blues Piano

Mark Harrison - Jazz-Blues PianoМарк Харрисон – Джаз-Блюз фортепиано.

Книга и звуковые примеры. 2006 г.

This comprehensive book/CD pack will teach you the basic skills needed to play jazz-blues piano. From comping to soloing, you’ll learn the theory, the tools, and the tricks used by the pros. The accompanying CD features many of the examples in the book performed either solo, or with a full band, including a full chapter of complete songs. Topics covered include: scales and chords * harmony and voicings * progressions and comping * melodies and soloing * characteristic stylings.


1. What Is Jazz-Blues?
2. Scales and Chords

Major Scales and Modes
Pentatonic and Blues Scales
Natural and Melodic Minor Scales
Seventh (or Four-Part) Chords and Alterations
Ninth (or Five-Part) Chords and Alterations

3. Keyboard Harmony and Voicings

Voicing Concepts
Major and Minor Triad Inversions
Triad-Over-Root Chord Voicings
Mixolydian Third Intervals and Patterns
Mixolydian Triads and Patterns
Dorian Triads and Patterns
Four-Part Chord Inversions
Four-Part-Over-Root Chord Voicings
Seven-Three Chord Voicings
Seven-Three Extended Chord Voicings
“Double 4th” Shapes and Chord Voicings
Polychord Voicings

4. Progressions & Patterns for Left & Right Hands

Jazz-Blues Chord Progressions and Form
Jazz-Blues Patterns

5. Jazz-Blues Styles and Comping

Rhythmic Concepts
Comping Style #1: Medium Swing (Gene Harris)
Comping Style #2: Swing/Stride (Oscar Peterson)
Comping Style #3: Jump Blues (Big Joe Turner)
Comping Style #4: Up-tempo Bop Blues (Charlie Parker)
Comping Style #5: Medium Blues Waltz (Miles Davis)
Comping Style #6: Jazz-Rock Minor Blues (Horace Silver)
Comping Style #7: Jazz-Fusion Blues (George Duke)

6. Jazz-Blues Melodies and Soloing

Melodies Using Blues Scales
“Target Note” and Scale Concepts
Soloing with Basic Blues Scales and Phrases.
Soloing with Target Notes, Multiple Scales and Arpeggios

7. Style File

Duke’s Blues
King of Cool
Hand Prints
Soul Vacation
Blue Bop
Gospel Rider
Canteloupe Rock
pdf + mp3. Вес файла 106 mb, zip архив. На английском языке.

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