Corey Christiansen — Essential Jazz Lines — In The Style Of Bill Evans

Corey Christiansen - Essential Jazz Lines - In The Style Of Bill EvansКори Кристиансен: «Основные джазовые линии — в стиле Билла Эванса».

Для гитары. Ноты, табы, аккордовые диаграммы, звуковые примеры, минусы.

Bill Evans (1929-1980) is one of the highest regarded jazz pianists in the history of jazz. His harmonic and rhythmic language in combination with superb taste and technical perfection places him in a category by himself.

His style of harmonization and improvisation has been an inspiration to countless pianists as well as other instrumentalists in the field of jazz.

This text presents numerous musical lines in the style of Bill Evans. These lines have been grouped by the harmony they can be used against. The accompanying play-along CD provides a rhythm section backup for each of the exercises. To help the player master all keys, each section also has a play-along on the CD that modulates around the circle of fourths.

Some of the techniques used in the style of Bill Evans are discussed and examples shown, helping musicians analyze each of the ideas presented, further insuring mastery of these ideas. When assimilated into the student’s musical vocabulary, these ideas will help students create their own original jazz solos.


Bill Evans
Jazz Language
Guide Tones
Be-Bop Scales
Harmonic Minor
Melodic Minor
Diminished Scale
3 to b9
Playing the Upper Structure of Chords
Minor Chord Material
Minor Chord Vamp
Minor Moving in Fourths
Dominant Chord Material
Dominant Seventh Vamp
Dominant Seventh Moving in Fourths
One Measure ii-V (Short ii-V) Material
Short ii-V Vamp
Short ii-V Moving in Fourths
Two Measure (Long ii-V) Material
Long ii-V Vamp
Long ii-V Moving in Fourths
Major Chord Material
Major Chord Vamp
Major Moving in Fourths
Minor ii-V Material
Minor ii-V Vamp
Minor ii-V Moving in Fourths
Short ii-V-I Vamp
Short ii-V-I Moving in Fourths
Long ii-V-I Vamp
Long ii-V-I Moving in Fourths
Minor ii-V-i Vamp
Minor ii-V-i Moving in Fourths
Turnaround Vamp
Turnaround Moving in Fourths
Play-Along Recordings
Progression similar to «Pent Up House»
Progression similar to «Confirmation».

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