Grace Vanderwaal – Just The Beginning Songbook

Grace Vanderwaal - Just The Beginning SongbookГрейс Вандерваал: “Просто начало. Песенник”.

Ноты, аккорды, вокальный подстрочник.

(Ukulele). 13-year-old ukulele player and singer-songwriter Grace VanderWaal won the 11th season of the NBC show America’s Got Talent and this ukulele songbook features 13 songs from her debut album.

Songs include: A Better Life * Burned * City Song * Darkness Keeps Chasing Me * Escape My Mind * Florets * I Don’t Know My Name * Insane Sometimes * Just a Crush * Moonlight * Sick of Being Told * So Much More Than This * Talk Good.

EPUB. Вес файла 15,7 mb. На английском языке. 2018 г.

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