Dick Fegy – Fiddle Tunes For Flatpicking Guitar

Dick Fegy - Fiddle Tunes For Flatpicking GuitarДик Феги: “Скрипичные мелодии для гитары в медиаторном стиле”.

Ноты, табы, звуковые примеры.

In this series of lessons Dick Fegy presents a wide range of music from Celtic melodies to bluegrass standards.

Single-string arrangements, complex right hand techniques, fingerboard control and arranging techniques are all discussed. For intermediate to advanced students.

These lessons, originally handwritten and in some cases were offered only as tab transcriptions, have now been typeset in standard notation and tab. The audio lessons in this series were initially recorded in the 1970 s, released on audio cassettes.

We have gone back to our master tapes to get the best possible sound for this new CD edition.
This is a collection of eclectic fiddle tunes that are more about finesse than they are about flash… It’s a solid investment for any serious student of the guitar

Lesson One: CELTIC MELODIES: Rights Of Man and Lord Gordon’s Reel.

Lesson Two: AMERICAN FIDDLE TUNES: June Apple and The Arkansas Traveler

Lesson Three: CELTIC MELODIES: Trafalgar Hornpipe and Fisher’s Hornpipe.

Songs include:

  • Lord Gordon’s Reel
  • The Rights Of Man
  • June Apple
  • Arkansas Traveler
  • Trafalgar Hornpipe
  • Fisher’s Hornpipe

pdf + mp3. Вес файла 74,9 mb, zip архив. На английском языке. 1970 г.

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