Adrian Gavinson — Ukulele For Beginners. How To Play Jazz Ukulele

Adrian Gavinson - Ukulele For Beginners. How To Play Jazz UkuleleАдриан Гавинсон: «Укулеле для начинающих. Как играть джаз на укулеле».

Табы, аккордовые диаграммы.

Learn how to play jazz on ukulele today with this essential beginner’s guide.

The ukulele can be seem very challenging and like many fretted stringed instruments, there are a lot of chords and techniques to master. However, unlike other books, this guide comes with an extensive introduction for complete beginners.

With step by step exercises and lessons in playing the essential jazz techniques, it’s never been easier to become the ukulele player you’ve always wanted to be.

Jazz music isn’t normally associated with the ukulele but finally there is a book that adapts all of the necessary elements of jazz playing for the ukulele. This book comes complete with a variety of different tutorials in different jazz styles and includes a great range of practice licks and walking bass lines to get you started with playing and mastering jazz ukulele.

Features of this book:

— Full Introduction for Absolute Beginners

— Step by Step Lessons in Jazz Ukulele

— Full Tabs and Diagrams

— Great Variety of Practice Riffs and Licks

pdf. Вес файла 1,3 mb. На английском языке. 2019 г.

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