Joe Doran – Simple Chord-Style Piano With LRPCN Chord Notation

Joe Doran - Simple Chord-Style Piano with LRPCN Chord NotationДжо Доран: “Простое фортепиано в аккордовом стиле с нотацией LRPCN”.

Ноты для фортепиано, аккордовые диаграммы.

Джо Доран создал LRPCN, способ записи аккордов пианино, который трансформирует «голые» листы аккордов, показывая точно, что и где играть правой и левой рукой.

В том числе восемь оригинальных аранжировок песен с использованием системы LRPCN!

Angels We Have Heard On High * Auld Lang Syne * Away In A Manger * Danny Boy * It Came Upon A Midnight Clear * Jingle Bells * O Holy Night * Silent Night

If you’ve ever wanted to just be able to sit at a piano and play chords that sound “like the song”, then this book is for you.

Joe Doran has created LRPCN, a way of notating piano chords that transforms “bare-bones” chord sheets, showing exactly what–and where–to play with your right and left hand. It does for pianists what “chord boxes” have done for guitarists.
But LRPCN doesn’t stop there. It actually helps pianist learn chord-style piano playing by:

–showing the importance of inversions in creating the characteristic sounds of a song
–revealing how simple triads can be combined to create more sophisticated sounds
–helping piano players to better see melody lines in a chord context

For those who like to arrange their own versions of popular songs, LRPCN is a great way to quickly notate arrangements, so you can play them again and again.

This book is packed with handy Piano Chord Charts by Key, that illustrate all the basic chords you’ll need to play chord-style piano. And to top it off, there are eight full arrangements that show LRPCN in action.
Chord-Style Piano With LRPCN is truly an innovative piano book like no other!

pdf. Вес файла 13 mb. На английском языке. 2016 г.

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