Todd Lowry — Boogie-Woogie Piano

Todd Lowry - Boogie-Woogie PianoТодд Лоури обучает фортепиано в стиле буги-вуги.



1. What is Boogie-Woogie Piano?
2. The History of Boogie-Woogie Piano
3. The Harmonic Structure of the Boogie-Woogie
4. The Boogie-Woogie Bass Line

Single-Note Bass Lines
Double-Note Bass Lines
Chordal Bass Lines
Walking Bass Lines

5. The Right Hand — Rhythmic Chordal Patterns
6. The Right Hand — Melodic Riffs
7. The Melodic Line — Special Techniques

Grace Notes/Crashed Notes

Intentional Dissonance
8. The Right Hand — Developing the Melodic Riff
9. Using the 12-Bar Blues Pattern, Version Two
10. Introductions,Turnarounds, Endings, and Breaks

Turnarounds and Endings

11. How to Play Popular Mekodies in Boogie-Woogie Style
12. Putting It All Together
13. Improvisation Ideas
14. Style File

1. Tree House Boogie-Woogie
2. Rock ’Em Joe
3. The Daily Grind (без 2-х страниц)
4. Boogie-Woogie I Am
5. Swanee River Boogie
6. Barrelhouse Rambler Blues

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