Carl Humphries — The Piano Handbook

Carl Humphries - The Piano HandbookКарл Хамфрис: «Руководство по фортепиано».

Ноты, звуковые примеры.

Всеобъемлющее руководство для обучения игре на пианино в одиночку или с учителем. Ясные и понятные упражнения в различных стилях: от классики до джаза, рока, бибопа и фьюжн.

This illustrated handbook offers a comprehensive tutorial for learning to play piano alone or with a teacher. An accompanying audio CD demonstrates key techniques and concepts, and the author explores the common origins of different musical cultures to show that learning different kinds of music can be an enriching experience.

Readers discover how classical piano technique and musicianship inspire creative approaches to composing and improvising across a variety of styles, including pop and jazz.

(Book). With clear and easy-to-understand exercises, The Piano Handbook is perfect for anyone interested in learning the piano or improving their skills. It provides fresh material and techniques in styles ranging from classical to jazz, rock, bebop and fusion, and gives new players everything they need to learn and enjoy the piano.

This book’s innovative tutorial approach covers classical and contemporary music styles in an integrated way, and the companion CD brings the playing techniques and concepts to life. A full-color photo gallery illustrates the history of the piano and its essential recordings. This hardcover, deluxe edition also features semi-concealed spiral binding so the book stays open on the piano.

The Piano Handbook prepares you not just to play, but to perform and not just as a pianist, but as a complete musician.

pdf + mp3. Вес файла 110 mb, rar архив. На английском языке. 2002 г.

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