Buck Brown — The Serious Guitarist — Jazz Chops

Buck Brown - The Serious Guitarist - Jazz ChopsБак Браун: “Серьезный гитарист – джазовое рубилово”.

Ноты, табы, звуковые примеры.

Развитие техники игры в стиле джаз.


About the Author
Chapter 1: Alternate Picking
Right-Hand Damping
Finger Independence

Eighth Notes Across the Fingerboard
Eighth-Note Triplets Across the Fingerboard
Combined-Fingering Triplets Across the Fingerboard
Shifting Eighth Notes Up the Fingerboard
Chromatic Exercises
Sliding Exercises
F Major Modes Two Notes Per String
Chapter 2: Hammer-Ons and Pull-Offs
Double and Multiple Hammer-Ons
Double Pull-Offs
Hammer-On/Pull-Off Combinations
Chapter 3: Scale Combinations
More Scale Combinations
Going Up and Down the Fingerboard Quickly
Chapter 4: Cross Picking, String Skipping, and Finger Rolls
Arpeggio Patterns
Major Linkages
13th Arpeggios
Chapter 5: Sweeping, Rolling, Double Stops, and Octaves
Sweeping Down
Two-in-a-Row Sweeps
Sweeping Up
Double and Triple Stops
Chapter 6: Chords
Anchor Fingers
Multiple Anchor Fingers
Stretching in Chords
Chapter 7: Comping
Four to the Bar
Pick and Fingers
Two-Note Voicings
Three-Note Voicings
Parallel and Contrary Motion
Counter Lines and Common Tones
Pedal Tones
Walking Bass
Lead Sheet

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