Buck Brown — The Serious Guitarist — Blues Chops

Buck Brown - The Serious Guitarist - Blues ChopsБак Браун: «Серьезный гитарист — блюзовое рубилово».

Ноты, табы, звуковые примеры.

Развитие техники игры в стиле блюз.


About The Author
Chapter 1: Blues Rhythm Guitar
Moveable Chords
The I-IV-V Progression and the Twelve Bar Blues

Open-Position Two-Note Shuffle Patterns
Closed-Position Two-Note Shuffle Patterns
Two-Note Shuffle Patterns with a b7
Closed-Position Two-Note Shuffle Patterns with a b7
Chord Shuffle Patterns
New Blues 7 Chords
The 9 Chord
The 9 Chord Slide Blues
The 13 Chord
More Dominant 7 Chords
More Shuffle Patterns
Chapter 2: Blues Lead Guitar
Alternate Picking
Finger Independence
The Minor Pentatonic Scale
Strengthening the 3rd and 4th Fingers
String Bending
The Major Pentatonic Scale
String Bending in the Major Pentatonic Scale
Pedal Steel-Style Bends
Step-and-a-Half Bends
Combinations with Hammer-Ons, Pull-Offs and Bends
Double Stops
Chapter 3: Advanced Blues Techniques
Advanced Twelve-Bar Blues Harmony
Pick and Fingers Blues with a Walking Bass Line
The Minor Blues
Sliding — The Ring-Finger Slide
More Sliding Exercises
Muted Sweeps
The Blues Trill
Downstroke Sweeps
Upstroke Sweeps
Cross Picking, String Skipping, and Finger Rolls
Chapter 4: Slide Guitar
String Damping
Slide in Standard Tuning
Slide in G Tuning
Slide in D Tuning

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