Bobby Rock — The Encyclopedia Of Groove

Bobby Rock - The Encyclopedia Of GrooveБобби Рок: «Энциклопедия грува».

Очень хорошая школа для барабанщиков любого уровня. Для большинства упражнений есть аудиопримеры. Также есть 10 минусов, под которые можно импровизировать.

Groovin’ — a fancy way of saying keeping time, is the drummer’s primary function. No matter how, where or what you play, groovin’ should be of the utmost importance to you. Bobby Rock «trims away the fat» and shows you practical examples of components, fills, riffs and more. Audio: complete performance and as accompaniment.

An excellent transitional book to bridge the gap between the beginner and the intermediate students vocabulary of 8th and 16th note beat patterns. The 2 & 4 beat fill exercises as well as opening hihat exercises along with step by step patterns to spicing up a beat with more density are most pragmatic. Brief inclusion of the 16th note triplet in a fill context, but not much, nor any eigth note triplet beats, 12/8 shuffles, latin, jazz or any other genre but straight ahead duple pop style. Despite Bobby’s command of double bass drum,and limb independence, none here. Despite all it fills the niche nicely. The cd is marginally helpful as well.

pdf + mp3. Вес файла 115 mb, rar архив. На английском языке. 1993 г.

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