Broadway Sheet Music Collection: 2010-2017

Broadway Sheet Music Collection: 2010-2017Бродвейская коллекция, ноты 2010-2017 гг.

Ноты для фортепиано, вокальный подстрочник, гитарные аккорды.


Anywhere But Here
Beautiful City
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
Dust And Ashes

Fly, Fly Away
Falling Slowly
Fight The Dragons
Foolish To Think
I Believe
The Life That You Wished For
In Love With You
It All Fades Away
It Must Be Believed To Be Seen
Journey To The Past
Me And The Sky
Model Behavior
My Girl
On My Way
One Of The Great Ones
One Perfect Moment
Santa Fe
Proud Of Your Boy
Right Hand Man
See You Later, Alligator
Soul Of A Man
She Used To Be Mine
Stick It To The Man
Waving Through A Window
When Your Feet Don’t Touch The Ground
Whoa, Mama
You’ll Be Back
With You
You Learn To Live Without

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