Flatpicking Guitar Magazine Vol. 2, Number 5

Flatpicking Guitar Magazine Vol. 2, Number 5Гитарный журнал для играющих медиатором. Часть 2, № 5.

Ноты, табы.


Clarence White
Flatpick Profile: Tut Taylor
Martin Guitars: Part 2 (1980-Present)
Columnist Profile: John Tindel
Masters of Rhythm Guitar: Gary Gordon
Confessions of a Clarence Collector

Totte Bergstrom and the Acoustic String Bender
I Don’t Remember – Craig Vance
Beginner’s Page: How’s Your Ear? – Dan Huckabee
Flatpick Rhythm Guitar: Clarence White Rhythm – Joe Carr
Flatpicking & Folk/Acoustic Rock: Open Strings – John Tindel
Kaufman’s Corner: “Theme Time” – Steve Kaufman
Nashville Flat Top: “Huckleberry Hornpipe” – Brad Davis
Break Time: Ron Block on Clarence White – Chris Jones
The O-Zone: “The Crawdad Song” – Orrin Star
May I “Quote” You On That? – Kevin Stevenson
Guitar Making: Guitar Woods, Part II – Don Gallagher
A Fool Such As I – Dix Bruce
Music Theory: Mastering the Fingerboard – Mike Maddux
Vintage Voice: The Clarence White Guitar – Bill Bush
Flatpicking Fiddle Tunes: “Whing-Ding” – Adam Granger
Exploring Bluegrass Guitar: Clarence Revisited – Steve Pottier
Exploring the British Islands – Beppe Gambetta
New Release Highlight: Jimmy Haley

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