Dan Miller & Tim May – Flatpicking Essentials Vol. 6 – Improvisation (Part II) & Advanced Technique Studies

Dan Miller & Tim May - Flatpicking Essentials Vol. 6 - Improvisation (Part II) & Advanced Technique StudiesДэн Миллер и Тим Мэй: “Основы игры медиатором. Том 6. Импровизация (часть II) и изучение продвинутых техник”.

Ноты, табы, аккордовые диаграммы, звуковые примеры.


Section 1: Improvisation, Part II
Diatonic Chords and Chord Progressions
Creating Diatonic Triads
“Temperance Reel” Exercise
Chord Movement and Chord Progressions

I, IV, V Progression: Why It Works
The Relative Minor
I – vi – IV – V Progression
The ii Chord
I – vi – ii – V Progression
I – ii – V – I Progression
“St. Anne’s Reel” Exercise
Note Choices For Diatonic Chords
Stable Melody Notes
Chord Tones
Major Pentatonic Scales
Minor Pentatonic Scales
Remaining Notes
“Nine Pound Hammer” Exercise
The iii Chord
I – vi – iii – V Progression
I – iii – IV – V Progression
The Chord Stream
Diatonic Triad Summary
Seventh Chords
The Dominant 7th Chord
I – IV – V7 – I Progression
Non-Diatonic Chords
The Flat Seven Chord
I – bVII – V – I Progression
“Salt Creek” Exercise
The Seventh Chord in Blues
12-Bar Blues Using Seventh Chords
Secondary Dominant Chords
V of the V
V of the IV
“Alabama Jubilee” Exercise
VI7 – II7 – V7 – I Progression
Improv Section Conclusion

Section 2: Advanced Flatpicking Technique
Tension & Release
Alabama Jubilee
Skipping Strings and Advanced Crosspicking
Angeline the Baker
Hybrid Picking – Part 1
Beaumont Rag
Billy In The Lowground
Using Harmonics – Natural and Artificial
“Mary Had A Little Lamb” Example
Bury Me Beneath The Willow
Playing in Minor Keys
Cold Frosty Morning
Devil’s Dream
East Tennessee Blues
Forked Deer
Twin and Triple Guitars – Playing Harmony Parts
Basic Two-Part Harmony
“Whiskey Before Breakfast” Melody
“Whiskey Before Breakfast” – Harmony (Parallel 3rds)
Harmonized Scale
“Whiskey Before Breakfast” – Double Stops
Harmony Variation
“Whiskey Before Breakfast” Harmony Variation
Two-Part Harmony Rules of Thumb
“Whiskey Before Breakfast” High Baritone Harmony
Adding a Third Part
“Whiskey Before Breakfast” Three Part Harmony
Leather Britches
Lonesome Reuben
Lonesome Road Blues
Hybrid Picking – Part II
Hybrid Picking Example
“Lonesome Road Blues” Example
Midnight On The Water
Nine Pound Hammer
Red Haired Boy
Red Wing
Temperance Reel
Wayfaring Stranger
Whiskey Before Breakfast
Conclusion and The Road Ahead
Appendix – Chord Progression Summary

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