Brad Davis, Dan Miller – The Guitar Player’s Guide To Developing Speed, Accuracy & Tone

Brad Davis, Dan Miller - The Guitar Player's Guide To Developing Speed, Accuracy & ToneБрэд Дэвис, Дэн Миллер: “Руководство гитариста по развитию скорости, точности и интонации”.

Ноты, табы, звуковые примеры. Текст распознан.

Упражнения для развития техники игры на гитаре.


Alternating Pick Direction
Alternating Pick Direction Exercises (1 through 6)
Muted String Exercises

Phase 1: Muted String Practice Routine
Phase 2: More Alternate Picking, the Rhythm Pick Pattern and Picking Across the Grain Arkansas Traveler
The Rhythm Pick Pattern (RPP)
Lonesome Road Blues
Nine Pound Hammer
Moving From Rhythm to Lead
Home Sweet Home Examples (1 through 4)
Nine Pound Hammer with Relaxed RPP
RPP Muted String Exercises (1 to 5)
Picking Against the Grain
Against the Grain Picking Exercises (1 through 8)
Against the Grain Muted String Exercises
Phase 2: Practice Routine
Phase 3: Crosspicking
The Forward Roll
Squaring Up Time
Crosspicking Exercise 1
Squaring Up Time Examples (1 through 4)
Boil the Cabbage Down
Home Sweet Home
Beaumont Rag Patterns
The Reverse Roll
Reverse Roll Exercise
Home Sweet Home
Crosspicking Muted String Exercises (1 through 5)
Phase 3: Practice Routine
Crosspicking Summary
Harmonized Scales on Adjacent Strings
Harmonized Scale Exercises (1 through 4)
Blackberry Blossom Exercise
Phase 4: String Skipping
Floating Example 1
Floating Exercises (1 through 3)
Temperence Reel
Billy In the Lowground
Cherokee Shuffle
Drone Strings
Drone String Exercises (1 and 2)
Blackberry Blossom
Whiskey Before Breakfast
Harmonized Scales on Non-Adjacent Strings
Harmonized Scale Exercises (1 through 9)
String Skip Crosspicking
String Skip Crosspicking Exercise 1
Arkansas Traveler
String Skip Muted String Exercises (1 through 14)
Phase 4: Practice Routine
String Skipping Summary
Moving Up-The-Neck
Up The Neck Exercises (1 through 4)
Blackberry Blossom
Phase 5: The Rest Stroke
Rest Stroke Exercises (1 through 8)
G-Runs (1 through 6)
Lonesome Road Blues
Rest Stroke Exercises (9 through 14)
Down-Down-Up Crosspicking
Rest Stroke Muted String Exercises (1 through 7)
Phase 5: Practice Routine
Rest Stroke Summary
Sweep Picking
Sweep Picking Muted String Exercises
Sweep Picking Exercises (1 through 3)
The Crab Walk Exercise
Phase 6: The Double Down Up Technique (DDU)
Double Down Up Exercises (1 through 13)
DDU Exercise 14 Steps
Double Down Up Exercises (14 through 19)
Salt Creek Example
Black Mountain Rag

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