Dan Erlewine – How to Make Your Electric Guitar Play Great

Dan Erlewine - How to Make Your Electric Guitar Play GreatДэн Эрлвайн: “Как заставить вашу электрогитару играть великолепно”.

Выбор, настройка, персонализация, обслуживание, базовая гитарная электроника. Вся метрика в футах-дюймах.

From shopping for a first electric guitar to setting customized action, this do-it-yourself player’s primer for owning and maintaining an electric guitar explains the ins and outs of: choosing the right guitar; cleaning, tools and basic maintenance; personalizing and improving on a “factory setup”; trouble-shooting; basic guitar electronics; setups of the pros; and much more.

Written by Dan Erlewine, author of the bestselling Guitar Player Repair Guide and the popular “Repairs” column in Guitar Player magazine, this book also includes a plastic sheet with specialized guitar tools you can snap-out!

pdf. Вес файла 19,2 mb. На английском языке. 2001 г.

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