Brian Boone And Marc Schonbrun – Music Theory 101: From Keys And Scales To Rhythm And Melody, An Essential Primer On The Basics Of Music Theory

Brian Boone And Marc Schonbrun - Music Theory 101Фундаментальный труд Брайана Буна и Марка Шонбурна по музыкальной теории.

Learn the basics of music theory in this comprehensive and easy-to-understand guide. From classical to hard rock, and jazz to hip hop, music is constantly evolving, but many of the basics have stayed the same. Understanding these basics is key to becoming a successful musician and well-rounded music lover.

Music Theory 101 covers everything novice musicians and lifelong learners need to know, including:

-How to read sheet music
-Understanding the construction of chords and scales
-The different rhythm and time signatures
-How keys are identified and organized

Full of music trivia, music history, comprehensive instruction, and visual aids of scales, music symbols, and chords throughout, Music Theory 101 is the essential guide you need for a crash course in music theory that even professional musicians would envy.

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