Bill Edwards – Fretboard Logic SE Special Edition Volume I and II combined

Bill Edwards - Fretboard Logic SEОтличный учебник для понимания строения ладов, аккордов и другой теории от Билла Эдвардса.

Для гитаристов любого уровня.

Также 1,2,3 части на русском языке.

The Special Edition is the first two volumes of the Fretboard Logic guitar series combined, at a special discount.

Part One deals with the pattern organization of the fretboard which results from the guitar’s unique tuning system.

Part Two teaches the tone groups of music – Chords, Scales and Arpeggios – by building them in the context of this pervasive pattern organization, and thereby eliminating the usual guesswork and rote memorization associated with these areas of a guitarist’s education.

This alone can take years off the learning curve. Combined, the two parts form a solid foundation by which a guitarist can intelligently pursue the music styles and technical approaches of their own choosing, and play them on the guitar types which they prefer.

pdf. Вес файла 5,5 mb. На английском языке. 1989 г.

Эти же книги + 3-я часть в русском любительском переводе:

pdf 1,2,3 части. Вес файла 11,5 mb. 2013, 2016 г.