Метка: Carl Verheyen

Carl Verheyen – Improvising Without Scales

Carl Verheyen - Improvising Without ScalesКарл Верейен: “Импровизация без гамм. Интервальная гитарная система Карла Верейена”.

Ноты, табы и звуковые примеры.

In this remarkable book, Carl Verheyen teaches his philosophy and techniques for improvising. Rather than hashing out scales, Carl teaches how to play lines with strong melodic content. By approaching melodies through intervals and chord qualities, infinite lines can be generated. Carl stresses the importance of collecting lines that can be used in improvised settings. These lines and examples will provide outstanding material for any guitarist yearning for melodic ideas and inspiration. Presented in standard notation and tab.

pdf + mp3. Вес файла 49 mb, rar архив. На английском языке.

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