Ben Britton — A Complete Approach To Overtones. Vivid Tone And Extended Range

Ben Britton - A Complete Approach To Overtones. Vivid Tone And Extended RangeБен Бриттон: «Полный подход к обертонам. Яркий тон и расширенный диапазон».

Ноты для саксофона, звуковые примеры.

A Complete Approach to Overtones is an in-depth treatment on overtones for saxophone. The book provides a full range of exercises and aids to improve the overtone capabilities and overall saxophone playing for every level of saxophonist.

Beginners will find the aids they need to achieve their first overtones, and players who can already play a wide range of overtones will find exercises that improve and expand their abilities as well.

«Ben Britton has put together a comprehensive volume explaining the overtone series and how to practice with it. A must-have for serious students of the saxophone.» — Charles Pillow, Assistant Professor of Jazz Saxophone, Eastman School of Music From the introduction: «One of the most efficient ways to improve saxophone sound or tone is through overtone practice.

Just a minute or two of proper overtone practice immediately increases the clarity and richness of tone as well as increases your ability to maintain a great sound while playing technically difficult music. Regularly practicing overtones will lead to consistently achieving those ends and extending your range into the altissimo register. Mastering overtones can result in a near four-octave range with a consistent and beautiful sound throughout.»

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