Tom Waits – Anthology

Tom Waits - AnthologyТом Уэйтс – антология.

Ноты для фортепиано, партия голоса, вокальный подстрочник, гитарные аккорды.


Annie’s Back In Town
Blue Valentines
Broken Bicycles
Burma Shave
Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis

Foreign Affair
Ghosts Of Saturday Night
Heartattack And Vine
I Never Talk To Strangers
I Wish I Was In New Orleans
Invitation To The Blues
Jersey Girl
Kentucky Avenue
(Looking For) The Heart Of Saturday Night
New Coat Of Paint
Old Boyfriends
Ol’ 55
On The Nickel
Red Shoes By The Drugstore
Ruby’s Arms
San Diego Serenade
Semi Suite
Shiver Me Timbers
A Sight For Sore Eyes
Take Me Home
This One’s From The Heart
Tom Traubert’s Blues (Four Sheets To The Wind In Copenhagen)
‘Til The Money Runs Out

pdf . Вес файла 5,2 mb. На английском языке. 1992 г.

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