Pianist No 84

Pianist No 84Журнал “Пианист” № 84.

Ноты для фортепиано. Текст распознан.


  • News. A plethora of pianists at this year’s BBC Proms, Argerich and Barenboim united, Steinway unveils the Spirio player piano, a farewell to Katin and more
  • Igor Levit. He might love Bach and Beethoven, but he has a penchant for Rzewski too. Jessica Duchen meets the deep-thinking Russian pianist

  • How to Play Masterclass 1. Mark Tanner on tackling the black notes
  • How to Play Masterclass 2. Graham Fitch on Baroque and Classical pedalling. Second of a three-part series on pedalling.
  • How to Play 1. Melanie Spanswick on a Minuet by Amy Beach
  • How to Play 2. Lucy Parham on Mendelssohn’s Song without Words op 67 no 2
  • How to Play 3. Janet Newman on a Wagner Albumblatt
  • Great Piano Composers of the Classical Era Pre-order your copy of this Pianist special issue
  • The Scores A pullout section of 40 pages of sheet music for all levels
  • Beginner Keyboard Class Hans-Gunter Heumann’s Lesson No 12: Polyrhythms
  • Jeremy Denk. Inge Kjemtrup meets the concert pianist and writer to find out what makes this $625,000 MacArthur ‘genius grant’ winner so special
  • Music Theory. Love it or loathe it, getting to grips with theory will help your playing no end. John Evans presents a strong case for theory
  • Leif Ove Andsnes. He’s approaching the end of a four-year Beethoven journey, which culminates at this year’s BBC Proms. Erica Worth finds out how it began
  • In Praise of Digitals. Gez Kahan looks at features that make digitals able to transcend the limits of an acoustic piano
  • Insuring your Instrument. Ever wondered how well protected your beloved piano is? We look at the terms and conditions for both acoustic and digital, and what you need to know
  • CD Reviews. Louis Lortie’s waltzing Chopin and Donka Angatschewa’s concertos disc both receive five stars, but it’s Stephen Hough’s Grieg Lyric Pieces that wins Editor’s Choice
  • Sheet Music Review Praise for Bernstein from Boosey & Hawkes, Debussy from Bдrenreiter, American piano duets from OUP, plus more reviews of music for all levels

pdf. Вес файла 11,4 mb, zip архив. На английском языке. Июнь – июль 2015 г.