Mark Harrison – Blues Piano

Mark Harrison - Blues PianoМарк Харрисон – Блюз на фортепиано.

Книга и звуковые примеры. 2001 г.


1. What Is the Blues?

2. Scales and Chords

Major Scales and Modes.
Pentatonic and Blues Scales
Triads and Seventh Chords
Using Mixolydian Modes with Dominant Chords
Using Pentatonic & Blues Scales with Dominant Chords

3. Blues Progressions and Left-Hand Patterns

The Twelve-Bar Blues
Left-Hand Patterns, Group One (using intervals)
Left-Hand Patterns, Group Two (using three-note chords)
Left-Hand Patterns, Group Three (using single notes)
Left-Hand Patterns, Group Four (using rhythmic anticipations)
Walking Bass Lines

4. Blues Voicings and Comping

Triad Voicings
Dominant Seventh and Ninth Voicings
“Backcycled” Triad Voicings
Mixolydian Third Intervals and Patterns
Mixolydian Triad Patterns
“Seven-Three” Voicings
Blues Endings and Turnarounds

5. Right-Hand Techniques and Soloing

Grace-Note Phrases
Parallel Thirds and Sixths
Mixolydian Sixths
Drone Notes within Blues Scales
Drone Notes with Half-Step Connecting Lines
Combining Blues Scales When Soloing
Octave Runs Using Blues Scales.
Crossover or “Resolving” Blues Licks.
Tremolos or “Rolls”
“Cluster” Voicings and Arpeggios

6. Style File

Meade’s Boogie
Chicago Breakup
Every Night I Have the Blues
Joe’s Jump.
Fat Cat Blues
Mardi Gras Groove
Blue Stone Rock
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