Hector Martignon – Salsa Piano

Hector Martignon - Salsa PianoЭктор Мартиньон: “Сальса-фортепиано”.

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What is Salsa?
The Basics
A Brief History I: The Genesis of Caribbean Music
A Brief History II: Cuban Music, The Piano and Early Players
The Rhythm Section
3-2 Clave Patterns in Single-Harmony Descarga
2-3 Clave Patterns in Single-Harmony Descarga

Advanced Skills
Montunos for Major and Minor II-V-I
Montunos for l-IV—V Sequences: Fo-Fi
Putting It All Together
Slow It Down: Guajira and Cha-Cha, Second-Level Syncopation

pdf. Вес файла 4,8 mb. На английском языке. 2004 г.

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