Denes Agay – The Joy Of Boogie And Blues. Book 2

Denes Agay - The Joy Of Boogie And Blues. Book 2Денес Агай: “Удовольствие от буги и блюза. Книга 2”.

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Smoky On The Rocks
Aunt Rhody Boogie
The Boll Weevil Boogie
Rocky Romance
Jimmy Crack Corn Boogie
Club Sayonara

The “Saints” Boogie
Strolling In The Moonlight
Haunted House Boogie
“Careless Love” Boogie
Sunrise Serenade
Maple Leaf Rag
Happy Combo
Ballad Improvisation (“Go ‘Way From My Window”)
China Jumps
Heliotrope Bouquet
Shortn’in Bread Boogie
Flamingo Bay (Nocturne Tropicale)
Blackberry Jam
Big-City Pastorale
The Easy Winners (A Ragtime Two-step)
The Memory Of A Waltz
Daffy Doodles
Frankie And Johnny (Boogie Duet)
Blues Without Words
The Blues Ain’t Nothin’

pdf. Вес файла 7 mb. На английском языке. 1985 г.

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