C. L. Hanon — The Virtuoso Pianist In 60 Exercises

C. L. Hanon - The Virtuoso Pianist In 60 ExercisesК. Л. Ханон: «Виртуозный пианист в 60 упражнениях».

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Part I
NK 1 — NK 12
End of Part I
Part II
Turning the Thumb Under

The 12 Major Scales, and the 12 Minor Scales
Chromatic Scales
Arpeggios on the Triads, in the 24 Keys
Extension (stretching) of the Fingers In Chords of the Diminished Seventh, in Arpeggios
Extension of the Fingers in Chords of the Dominant Seventh, in Arpeggios
End of Part II
Part III
Notes Repeated In Groups of Two, By All Five Fingers
The Trill for All Five Fingers
Notes Repeated In Groups of Four
Wrist – Exercise
Detached Sixths
Legato Thirds
Chromatic Scales In Minor Thirds
Preparatory Exercise for Scales In Octaves
Scales In Thirds, In The Keys Most Used
Scales In Octaves In The 24 Keys
The Fourfold Trill In Thirds, For All Five Fingers
The Threefold Trill
Scales In Broken Octaves, In the 24 Keys
Broken Arpeggios In Octaves, In the 24 Keys
Sustained Octaves. Accompanied by Detached Notes
Fourfold Trill In Sixths
The Tremolo
Concluding Remarks

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