Karen Evans Moratz – Flute For Dummies

Karen Evans Moratz - Flute For DummiesКарен Эванс Морац и ее книга “Флейта для чайников”.

Самоучитель игры на оркестровой флейте (флейта Бема).


Contents at a Glance
Part I: A Prelude to Flute Playing
Chapter 1: So You Want to Play the Flute
Chapter 2: Getting to Know the Flute
Chapter 3: Choosing Your Instrument
Chapter 4: Understanding Music Notation
Part II: Playing the Flute: Just Wiggle
Your Fingers and Blow!
Chapter 5: Getting Down to Basics: Before You Begin
Chapter 6: Making Flute Sounds
Chapter 7: Putting It All Together: The Flute and You
Chapter 8: Playing Your First Notes
Chapter 9: Higher, Lower, and in Between: More Advanced Notes
Chapter 10: Between the Notes: Slurring and Tonguing
Chapter 11: Getting Up to the Second Octave
Part III: Above and Beyond: Essential
Intermediate Techniques
Chapter 12: Making That Elusive Big, Beautiful Sound
Chapter 13: Adding Vibrato: You Want Fries with That Shake?
Chapter 14: High Flutin’: Making the Top Notes Sing
Chapter 15: Controlling Pitch: Do You Need a Tuneup?
Chapter 16: Faster Tonguing and Getting Your Trills
Part IV: Darn Tootin’: An Accompaniment
to Your Growing Skills
Chapter 17: Revisiting the Practice Studio: Establishing a Routine
Chapter 18: Taking Your Playing to New Heights: Teachers, Ensembles,
and Performances
Chapter 19: Repair and Maintenance: Taking Care of Your Instrument
Part V: The Part of Tens
Chapter 20: Don’t Blow It! Ten Bad Habits to Avoid at All Costs
Chapter 21: Ten Flutists You Need to Hear
Chapter 22: Ten Different Types of Flutes
Part VI: Appendixes
Appendix A: Fingering Charts
Appendix B: About the CD

pdf + mp3. Вес файла 74,9 mb, zip архив. На английском языке. 2010 г.

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