Tobias Hurwitz – The Serious Guitarist – Rock Chops

Tobias Hurwitz - The Serious Guitarist - Rock ChopsТобиас Гурвиц: “Серьезный гитарист – роковое рубилово”.

Ноты, табы, звуковые примеры.

Техника, гаммы, формы, лады.


About The Author
Chapter 1: How To Use This Book
Scale Diagrams
Reading Tablature (TAB)

Special Notation
Chapter 2: Don’t Hurt Yourself
Stretching The Wrists
Stretching The Fingers
The Importance of Straight Wrists
Chapter 3: Alternate Picking
Chapter 4: Economy Picking
Chapter 5: Sweep Picking
Chapter 6: Mixing Sweep Picking and Alternate Picking
Movable Arpeggio Forms
Chapter 7: Tremolo Picking
Chapter 8: Pentatonic Riffs and Concepts
The Minor Pentatonic Scale
The Blues Scale
Combining Minor Pentatonic Scales
Chapter 9: Scale Sequencing
Chapter 10: Single-String Concepts
Chapter 11: Double Stops
Chapter 12: Harmonized Leads
Chapter 13: Finger Tapping
Chapter 14: Whammy-Bar Techniques
Chapter 15: Legato?
Chapter 16: Long Scales
The Glide Shift
The Leap
The Three-Octave Major Scale Form
The Three-Octave Minor Scale Form
Chapter 17: Exotic Scales
About Minor Scales
Exotic Modes
Symmetrical Scales
Chapter 18: Harmonics
Artificial/Pinch Harmonics
The Natural Harmonic Cascade
Chapter 19: String Skipping
Chapter 20: Arpeggio Etudes
Etude #1-Medieval Finger Torture
Etude #2-Human Sequencer Syndrome Etude
Chapter 21: “The Flight Of The Bumblebee”
Chapter 22: Scale Forms
Five Minor Pentatonic Scale Forms and Their Corresponding Chords
The Major Scale
The Harmonic Minor Scale
The Major Pentatonic Scale
The Blues Scale
The Modes of the Major Scale
Final Thoughts

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