Steve Khan – Contemporary Chord Khancepts

Steve Khan – Contemporary Chord KhanceptsСтив Хан: «Современные аккордовые концепции».

Теория, ноты для гитары, аккордовые диаграммы, звуковые примеры.

Для гитаристов всех стилей — от рока, латин и фанка до кантри, джаза и альтернативы.

Contemporary Chord Khancepts presents information for guitarists of all styles-from Rock, Latin, and Funk to Country, Jazz, and Alternative. Steve shares his approach to chord construction, an area he has become known for on guitar. In this book, he has taken a complex subject and broken it down into simple building blocks and small study units.

You will learn to extend your sense of harmony by the superimposition of chord forms which are familiar, as well as a world of new ones. Your ability to express yourself and create textures and musical moods will improve immediately. The text is accompanied by two CD’s full of performed examples, play-along tracks, and five completely new compositions by Steve only available in this package.

Well constructed book with great backing tracks as well as great compositions by Steve. Every jazz guitarist should have this book as an absolute necessity. Anyone familiar with Steve’s work with Steely Dan and his solo works and works with numerous other artists know what a tasteful guitarist he is…

If you already know your basic chord theory, know all your barre chords and jazz chords, play well from lead sheets, etc… then you are ready for this book. Kahn discusses the use of leading tones and the basic triad as tools for playing guitar in a combo setting. He does a good job of covering the no-man’s land between rhythm guitar and lead guitar.

The book is well written, in an easily accessible style, by someone who really knows what he is talking about. There are many gems sprinkled throughout these pages. If you are a beginner or weaker intermediate player, pass on this book for now and come back to it later.

Useful material here, with plenty to keep you going for a long time. Steve gives you lots of examples on how to use triads and extensions and not just a bunch of theory. The CD’s are very helpful in hearing the applications. After all, it is music and having an opportunity to hear what the material should sound like was a great aid in helping me understand the ideas.

pdf + mp3. Вес файла 55 mb, zip архив. На английском языке. 1997 г.

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