Matt Warnock – Easy Jazz Guitar Chords

Matt Warnock - Easy Jazz Guitar Chords Мэтт Уорнок: “Легкие аккорды для джазовой гитары”.

Ноты, табы.

Примеры аккомпанемента в различных стилях.

Easy Jazz Guitar Chords обучает вас легкому, веселому и эффективному голосоведению для всех основных семей джазовых аккордов.

Это также применимо к  прогрессиям и полным песням.

There’s an endless list of shapes, qualities, keys, etc. to learn, making it easy to be overwhelmed.

Learning jazz chords doesn’t have to be stressful or seem impossible.
In fact, jazz chords can be easy.
You just need to learn the easiest shapes in the most efficient way possible.
The Easy Jazz Chords eBook teaches you to do this.
Jazz Guitar Chords Made Easy
The material in this eBook gets you playing jazz chords, progressions, and jazz standards from day 1.
There’s no need to learn difficult chords, or stretch for crazy chord shapes on the fretboard.
By studying shell voicings, 3-note chords built from guide tones, you can play any jazz chord easily.
Shell chords build a foundation that you use for more advanced chords in your studies.
Also, you don’t have to wait months or learn dozens of shapes before playing jazz songs.
Shell chords get you playing right away, so you don’t waste time waiting to play your favorite jazz song.
Instead, you learn easy chord shapes and apply them to progressions and full songs today.

What You Learn in Easy Jazz Guitar Chords
Maj7, 6, m7, m7b5, 7, and 7alt shapes.
Two positions for each chord.
How to play jazz chords in all 12 keys.
ii V I major and minor progressions in all keys.
How to play chords over jazz songs.
How to build rootless chords from shell shapes.
And much more¦.

When You Buy Easy Jazz Guitar Chords You Get

Music examples in TAB and notes.
Audio examples for every exercise.
Backing tracks to jam over.
Easy to understand exercises.
ii V I chord shapes in major and minor.
Chord studies over famous jazz songs.
And more!

Beginner Jazz Guitar Chords the Right Way.
If you want to learn jazz chords, but are lost in a maze of information.
Or, you starting learning jazz chords but can’t connect those shapes to songs.
This eBook is for you.
Easy Jazz Guitar Chords teaches you easy, fun, and effective voicings for every essential jazz chord family.
It also applies jazz chords to progressions and full songs right away.
Who says learning to play jazz chords has to be hard?
With this guide, you build a strong chord foundation and make music right away.
That’s a win-win in the practice room.

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