K. G. Johansson – Spela Elgitarr. Heavy Metal Guitar

K. G. Johansson - Spela Elgitarr. Heavy Metal GuitarК. Г. Йоханссон: “Хеви-метал гитара”.

Ноты, табы, вокальный подстрочник (английский), звуковые примеры.

Learn to play electric guitar! Even if you have never picked up a guitar before you can start immediately with this book.

With the help of the book’s well-known and specially written songs for, you’ll learn to play melodies, solos and chords, and playing the notes and by ear.

The book’s author KG Johansson has since 1978 been a teacher at the Music School Hogs in Pitea. He has many years experience in the subject and is now professor of rock music.

pdf + mp3. Вес файла 71,1 mb, zip архив. На шведском языке. 2005 г.

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