Guitar One April 2004

Guitar One April 2004Гитарный журнал № 1 за апрель 2004 г.

Ноты, табы, партия голоса, вокальный подстрочник, аккордовые диаграммы.


* Dimebag Darrell – “I never wanted to quit doing Pantera in the first place,” Dimebag admits. Two years and lots of bad-mouthing later, Pantera’s still on the outs-but Dime’s got New Found Power with a brand-spankin’ new gang, Damageplan.
* Lostprophets – After being mislabeled as nu metal early on, this U.K. six-piece has since emerged on its own terms with a potent two-guitar assault and a thick array of influences.

* John Mayer & Buddy Guy – Just because he’s a pop star doesn’t mean the kid can’t play guitar. In fact, when John Mayer enlisted Chicago blues hero Buddy Guy for a few gigs backed by Double Trouble, the sparks really flew. And we were there to catch ’em.
* Incubus – Talk to Mike Einziger, and the truth is as obvious as the ocean outside his beautiful Malibu living-room windows. The Incubus guitarist is a music fanatic-a guitar geek, actually-who’s set to exact revenge on an unsuspecting audience with the band’s explosive new disc, A Crow Left of the Murder.
* School of Rock – Whether you just got a new guitar over the holidays or you’ve decided it’s high time you dust off the one that’s been sleeping under your bed all these years, it’s time – dammit! – to learn how to play!
* Red Hot Chili Peppers – Give It Away
* Switchfoot – Meant to Live
* Motley Crue – Shout at the Devil
* The Eagles – Life in the Fast Lane
* Miles Davis – All Blues
* Bob Seger – Turn the Page
* Brides of Destruction
* Red Tape God Forbid
* Apartment 26 – Oz Noy
* In Session – Black Label Society
* Set List – Stupidest Band Names
* Under The Influence – Steve Morse
* Blues News – Ellis Hooks
* Jazz Joint – Ken Hatfield
* Return Of The Shred – George Lynch
* Tales from The Woodshed
* Epiphone Elitist J-45
* Hamer Monaco III
* Squier Series 24 M-77
* Lace Rat Fink
* Genz Benz El Diablo 100
* Nobels Pedals
* Backline Blueprint – Chevelle
* Acoustic Cafe – Suspended Chords
* Guitar Archives – Buddy Guy
* Basic Training – Alternate Picking
* Now & Then – KISS’ Bruce Kulick

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