Guitar Legends #71 – Van Halen

Guitar Legends #71 – Van HalenЖурнал «Гитарные легенды» №71, посвященный Van Halen.

Ноты, табы для гитары, партия голоса, вокальный подстрочник, аккордовые диаграммы.


  • Transcriptions: “Eruption”, “Hot for teacher”, “Panama”, “Finish what ya started”, “Light up the sky”, “Ice cream man”
  • Atomic Punk – The story of how Eddie Van Halen revolutionized rock guitar.
  • The new king of Heavy Metal – Guitar World kicked off its first full year of operation by interviewing the man who would change rock guitar forever.

  • The lift and times of Van Halen – As “Jump” hit Billboard’s Number One slot, Guitar World presented one of the first interviews from 5150, Edward’s new home studio.
  • On the Road – David Lee Roth was out, Sammy Hagar was in, and Guitar World was there with the inside scoop.
  • Unlawful carnal riffage – Seven shining rhythm guitar moments from Van Halen’s vast catalog of raucous riffs.
  • Feels so good – As OU812 raced up the charts, Eddie Van Halen discussed the album’s success and his evolution as a guitar god.
  • The monster of rock – He sparked an Eruption – and an aftershock of monumental proportions: Edward Van Halen, Guitar World’s player of the decade.
  • Sammy Drills Eddie – In 1993, Hagar put on his journalism cap and interviewed Eddie Van Halen on subjects ranging from guitar licks and tricks to the “brown sound” and songwriting inspiration.
  • Tapping young lad – A complete lesson on how to play “Eruption”, Eddie’s masterpiece of two-handed tapping.

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