Greg Koch – Blues Guitar Method. Book 1 & 2

Greg Koch - Blues Guitar Method. Book 1 & 2Грег Кох: “Метод блюзовой гитары. Книга 1 и 2”.

Ноты, табы, звуковые примеры.


Guitars and Amps
Pick vs. Fingers
Standing vs. Sitting
Hand Positioning
The 12-Bar Blues
The Shuffle Rhythm
Sweet Home Chicago
The Blues Scale
Love in Vain Blues
Blues Phrasing
From Four Until Late
String Bending
The Double Stop
The Slide
Sitting on Top of the World
The Major Pentatonic Scale
The Pull-Off
Mary Had a Little Lamb
I Can’t Be Satisfied
Open-Position Shuffle Patterns
Look at Little Sister
The Extended Blues Scale
The Hammer-On
You Shook Me
Harmonized Shuffle Patterns
Ramblin’ On My Mind
Extended Chords
Blow, Wind, Blow
Movable Seventh Chords
I Believe I’ll Dust My Broom
The Style of Howlin’ Wolf
Killing Floor
The Style of B.B. King
Rock Me Baby
The Style of Albert King
Born Under a Bad Sign
The Style of T-Bone Walker
(They Call It) Stormy Monday (Stormy Monday Blues)
The Style of Freddie King
I’m Tore Down
Repeating Riff Blues
I’m Leavin’ You (Commit a Crime)
Boom Boom
Mannish Boy
Minor Blues
Double Trouble
Putting It All Together
Medium Shuffle Blues
Funky Blues
Slow Minor Blues
Rhumba Blues
Slow Shuffle Blues
Slow Blues/Jazz
Swing Blues
Guitar Notation Legend

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