Frank Gambale – The Great Explorers

Frank Gambale - The Great ExplorersФрэнк Гэмбэйл: “Великие исследователи”. (Альбом 1993 г.)

Ноты для гитары, табы, гармония, звуковые примеры.

Содержание: Frankly Speaking * The Final Frontier * The Jaguar * The Great Explorers * Duet Tuet * She Knows Me Well * Thunder Current * Pathfinder * Dawn Over The Nullarbor * Cruising Altitude * Naughty Business

Guitar Recorded Versions. Note-for-note transcriptions are written directly from artist recordings. This series, one of the most popular in print today, features some of the greatest guitar players and groups from blues and rock to country and jazz. Guitar Recorded Versions are transcribed by the best transcribers in the business. Every book contains notes AND tablature.

“The Great Explorers” finds Gambale returning to all-instrumental, high-energy rock and fusion guitar with stellar musicians Tom Coster, Stuart Hamm, Jonathan Mover and Freddie Ravel.

The result of this collaboration with Joe Satriani’s touring band? Absolute fireworks! He mixes rock and blues riffs with soulful, funky and jazzy phrasing in a distinctive, memorable way that only he can.

His latest work tends to be softer and more easy listening, but this album has a raw edge that will appear to all instrumental guitar fans.

pdf + mp3. Вес файла 74,8 mb, zip архив. На английском языке. 1993 г.

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