Fabio Carrafa — Rock Guitar Universe

Fabio Carrafa - Rock Guitar UniverseФабио Каррафа: «Вселенная рок-гитары».

Ноты, табы, видеопримеры. (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjPPMbZ82zbWzz2x7_q6y_A)

Автор рассказывает о гитарном железе, эффектах и развитии гитарной техники. Упражнения и примеры.

Rock Guitar Universe! 279 exercises with video examples to develop guitar technique and detailed chapter for creating sounds and much more.

Contents: Sound, effects and technique.

Contents on sound: guitar, amplifier, guitar set-up, sound creation, tips to work in studio and live, use of effects, compressor, equalizer, noise gate, chorus, flanger, phaser, pitch shifter, harmonizer, reverb, delay, midi systems, effects connection.

Contents on the technique: warm-up, alternate picking, scales, chords, modes, expression techniques, tapping, sweep picking, skipping strings, whammy bar, creativity development, plans for warm-up and self-taught study.

pdf. Вес файла 11,1 mb, zip архив. На английском языке. 2019 г.

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