Dave Rubin — Rockin The Blues

Dave Rubin - Rockin The Blues

Дэйв Рубин разбирает стили лучших американских и британских гитаристов 1963 — 1973 гг.

Ноты, табы для гитары, звуковые примеры.

Duane Allman, Jeff Beck, Roy Buchanan, Eric Clapton, Rory Gallagher, Billy Gibbons, Peter Green, Bugs Henderson, Alvin Lee, Steve Mille, Jimmi Page, Keith Richards, Robbie Robertson, Mick Talor, Leslie West.

Take a journey inside the blues with Dave Rubin’s latest book, Rockin’ the Blues: 1963-1973. This seminal 10 years produced some of the most influential blues-rock guitarists of all time. Learn about the lives of these trail-blazing guitarists, their individual styles, accomplishments, and techniques, then play along with the accompanying CD and taste the magic yourself. Each chapter delves into the world of a key blues-rock guitarist from this period, with rare photos, historic insights, interviews, and guitar solos written in standard notation and tablature and performed by a full band on the included audio CD. Explore this exciting time in music history with a book that covers it like no other. Artists covered include: Duane Allman, Jeff Beck, Roy Buchanan, Eric Clapton, Alvin Lee, Keith Richards, Robbie Robertson, and others.

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