Dan Amerson – Blues Guitar 101. The Lead Player’s Guide To Improvisation, Fretboard Mastery, And Rocking Solos

Dan Amerson - Blues Guitar 101. The Lead Player's Guide To Improvisation, Fretboard Mastery, And Rocking SolosДэн Амерсон: “Блюзовая гитара 101. Руководство лидер-гитаристу по импровизации, чтению грифа и роковым соло”.

Табы, диаграммы.

You are about to discover how to play blues guitar ANYWHERE and ANY WAY you’d like!

You will be able to look down at your fretboard, and instead of looking at it with confusion, you’ll be able to play the blues anywhere and anyhow you’d like.

Learning the blues is useful for jamming, improvisation, and as an intermediate for several other skills for a guitarist.
You’ll also be able to jump between the natural and pentatonic scales.

These skills form the basis to every other skill related to improvisation on the guitar.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

Learn how the natural and pentatonic scales are connected

Understand how the modes relate to soloing and blues playing

Learn the ‘Blues’ notes over each chord in a blues progression

Play the ‘two tracks’ that work in any musical context

The three types of blues progressions, and how to play over each one

9 solo examples; learn fun riffs that sound great

Learn ‘turnarounds’ that will add tension and give you musical flair

Always sound good and impress your friends!

Much, much more!

Can you honestly say that you can do all those things?
If yes, show this to a friend. If not, then…
Download your copy today!
Don’t leave your guitar playing to chance!

This book is part of a series that teach guitar technique, theory, improvisation, and eventual mastery.

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