Allan Holdsworth – Reaching For The Uncommon Chord

Allan Holdsworth – Reaching For The Uncommon ChordАллан Холдсворт: “Достижение необычного аккорда”.

Ноты для гитары, табы, гармония, звуковые примеры.

Полная транскрипция оригинальных композиций, а также заметки и фото с биографией Холдсворта. (Фьюжн).

This excellent book is not only a transcription about some Allan Holdsworth’s material between 1976-1986, but a good reference of the master’s thinking.

It contains a current biography, a selected discography (just the records which Allan is proud of),a lot of photographs, a detailed story about each song, and a humble “Holdsworthian View” of the revolutionary guitarist, who really transform the approach to the instrument: His style not only consist in a fluid liquid legato interpretation of fusion scales but a total creative harmony landscape that has became a new language for others.


  • The Abingdon Chasp (from “One Of A Kind”)
  • Fred (“Believe It”)
  • Home (“Metal Fatigue”)
  • Letters Of Marque (“I.O.U.”)
  • Shallow Sea (“I.O.U.”)
  • Temporary Fault (“I.O.U.”)
  • Three Sheets To The Wind (“Road Games”)
  • Tokyo Dream (“Road Games”)
  • The Unmerry-Go-Round (“Metal Fatigue”)
  • White Line (“I.O.U.”)

pdf + mp3. Вес файла 61,7 mb, zip архив. На английском языке. 1985 г.

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