Rhythm Magazine November 2015

Rhythm Magazine November 2015Журнал для барабанщиков – “Ритм” за ноябрь 2015 г.

Ноты для ударных.


  • The DNA of… Groove. The art of making drum beats feel good, with lessons on how to make your drums groove
  • Mark Guiliana – Mark Guiliana Jazz Quartet
  • Tommy Lee – On Motley Crue’s past and his own future
  • Buyer’s guide. The 10 best pro wood snares you can buy
  • Jean Paul Gaster. Back with a new Clucth album and groovier than ever
  • New stuff from Clutch, The Family Silver, Shinedown, The Winery Dogs and more

  • Full track. Becoming – Pantera
  • Get creative with The Paradiddle… Diddle
  • Video playalong. Express Yourself – Charles Wright & Watts 103RD ST Rhythm Band
  • Go Figure! Linear Step
  • Rhythm concepts. Polyrhythmic Grooves part 5
  • The foundations of drumming. Snare, Groove, Fill
  • Video playalong. X-Ray Visions – Clutch
  • Beat Builder. 8 bar challenge part 13
  • Teasers. Swapping sides
  • Improve your soloing with Odd Time Fills in 7/8
  • Gear reviews

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