Rhythm Magazine January 2014

Rhythm Magazine January 2014Журнал для барабанщиков – “Ритм” за январь 2014 г.

Ноты для ударных.


  • Tony Royster Jr. From child star to versatile session superhero, the Jay-Z drummer tells us about playing without limits
  • Zigaboo Modeliste – The Metars
  • Harry Judd – McFly
  • Don Powell – Slade
  • Sterling Campbell – David Bowie
  • New stuff from Dream Theater, A Perfect Circle, Five Finger Death Punch and more

  • Full track. Viking Death March – Billy Talent
  • Get to grips with Samba
  • Video playalong. Mind your manners – Pearl Jam
  • Get creative with Groovy Inversions
  • Play Better with Developing vocabulary part 4
  • Rhythm concepts. Double strokes
  • Video playalong. Ziggy stardust – David Bowie
  • The next step. Simple metric modulation
  • 21st century rudiments. Improve your playing with Double Paradiddle-Diddle
  • Gear reviews

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