Rhythm Magazine August 2015

Rhythm Magazine August 2015Журнал для барабанщиков – “Ритм” за август 2015 г.

Ноты для ударных.


  • Mick Fleetwood – The Brit drumming legend on his famousmusical feel and returning with the Mac
  • Ian Thomas – Mark Knopfler
  • Tim Alexander. Primus man ‘Herb’ on his drumming career.
  • Buyer’s guide. The 5 best budget electronic kits
  • 21 budget kit hacks. Inject new life into your gear and playing.

  • New stuff from Marco Minnemann, Simon Philips, Mark Guiliana and more
  • Full track. Roxanne – The Police
  • Get creative with that shuffle.
  • Video playalong. The sound of Muzak – Porcupine Tree
  • Go figure! Dynamic Dance
  • Rhythm concepts. Polyrhythmic grooves part 1
  • The foundations of drumming. Playing with a metronome
  • Video playalong. Uptown funk – Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars
  • Beat builder. 8 bar challenge part 9
  • Teasers. Double trouble
  • Improve your soloing with 3-over-4 implied time
  • Gear reviews

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