DRUM! November 2012

DRUM! November 2012Журнал для барабанщиков “Drum!” за ноябрь 2012 г.

Ноты для ударных.


  • Q&A: Steve Gadd & Edie Brickell. With the release of The Gaddabouts’ sophmore effort, ’90s hit maker Edie Brickell and God Drums himself discuss the special relationship of vocals and rhythm.
  • Tré Cool. The clown prince of punk rock is dead serious about the singular drum sound he delivers in Green Day’s triple release. Just don’t ask him about concept albums.

  • Queen Cora Dunham. Her majesty has offered her rhythmic services to Prince, Beyoncé, and Maceo Parker, but that only hints at this musical sovereign’s ambitions.
  • Show Choir Drummer Diary. A gleeful romp through the toughest gig you never knew existed.
  • Amon. The Afro-dub–influenced percussionist from Analog Players Society could djem all night.
  • Product Test. Meinl Timbale Roundup
  • Lessons. Taku Hirano plays the shaker with a new accent. Glen Caruba shows us a beater way to play cajon.
  • Getting That Hybrid Drum Sound. The art of combining ’70s and modern tones is easier than you think.
  • Dialed In. New gear from Yamaha, MXL, and Elliott Garage
  • Istanbul Mehmet Carmine Appice Signature Cymbals
  • Yamaha HexrackII
  • Drum Parts: Brian Vodinh
  • The 10 Years drummer dissects the choice bits on “Backlash” from Minus The Machine.
  • Lessons. Matt Byrne on the infinitely versatile boogaloo beat. Rich Redmond fills us in on fills. For Wally Schnalle, paradiddles are a universe unto their own.

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