DRUM! March 2013

DRUM! March 2013Журнал для барабанщиков “Drum!” за март 2013 г.

Ноты для ударных.


  • Dominic Howard. With The 2nd Law, Muse’s drummer has not only blurred the line between acoustic and electronic beats, he’s made such dualistic thinking obsolete.
  • John Stanier. Juggling both Battles and Tomahawk, the one-time Frankenfoot behind Helmet keeps finding new ways to funk it up.

  • Special Report: Pain And Numbness. Identifying the danger signs and tips for longevity in your career.
  • Adam Pierce. On Candela, the Mice Parade percussionist brings the whole kit and cajon.
  • Product Test. Remo Versa Drums
  • Lessons. A simple setup switcheroo reinspires Richie Garcia. Glen Caruba goes for a swim.
  • Minimalist Miking For Ambient Acoustic Scenarios
  • Crescent Cymbals
  • Drum Parts. Hatebreed basher Matt Byrne is ready to brawl on “Before The Fight” from new album The Divinity Of Purpose.
  • Lessons. For John Wicks, the paradiddle keeps on giving. Rich Redmond perfects his time with more musical drum machine loops.
  • Chad Wackerman. From Bad Religion to Tenacious D, the youngest member of a SoCal drumming dynasty elevates every project he touches.
  • Michael “Moose” Thomas. Bullet For My Valentine’s punisher keeps his cool on Temper Temper — but just barely.

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