DRUM! June 2013

DRUM! June 2013Журнал для барабанщиков “Drum!” за июнь 2013 г.

Ноты для ударных.


  • Ian Paice. The new Deep Purple album wouldn’t be Deep Purple at all without the feel, musical instincts, and magic touch of its southpaw sticksman, who, by the way, is one of the godfathers of modern metal.
  • Billy Rymer. For The Dillinger Escape Plan technician, constructing the perfect beat is a personal mandate. Replicating it each night is a whole other thing.

  • Cliff Martinez. The one-time drummer turned his rhythmic sensibilities into some of the most compelling film scores that cinemagoers enjoy today.
  • Danny Frankel. The hybrid kit player lends inimitable beats to major music stars. The secret? A customized sound palette for each collaborator.
  • Product Test. Tycoon Crate Cajon
  • Lessons. Taku Hirano works out your wrists with some palm-finger exercises. Richie Gajate-Garcia puts the Cuban mozambique together with all three conga drums.
  • In The Studio With Roy Mayorga (and Friends). The Stone Sour basher sculpted an ideal drum sound against all odds.
  • Dialed In. New products from Roland, Sensaphonics, and Rode.
  • Zildjian A And ZBT Cymbals
  • DW Collector’s Series Aluminum Thin 1mm Rolled Shell And Concrete Snare Drums
  • Morgan Rose. Playing along to “Decay” from Sevendust’s new Black Out The Sun.
  • Lessons. Wally Schnalle gets the hands and feet working together. Danny Gottlieb discovers the paradiddle-diddle roots of Kenny Clarke’s genius. Glen Sobel keeps you in line with an expansion of his linear groove concepts.
  • Jon Theodore. Whether he’s a former cult favorite, golden child of mainstream rock, or jumping on a side project, all ships rise under Theodore’s swelling groove.
  • John Wicks. How the Fitz And The Tantrums drummer always plays the perfect part is anyone’s guess. We’re just glad he does.

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