DRUM! February 2013

DRUM! February 2013Журнал для барабанщиков “Drum!” за февраль 2013 г.

Ноты для ударных.


  • Events. From battles to TV broadcasts, the pivotal moments that made drum history what it is.
  • Beats & Fills. The essential patterns that have made an indelible impression on our collective musical consciousness.
  • Performances & Recordings. Albums, songs, and the rhythmic moments therein that any self-respecting drummer needs to experience.

  • Gear & Technology. More than a century’s worth of innovations, improvements, and engineering breakthroughs that have evolved the drum set and facilitated the art of beat making.
  • Geoffrey Gordon. Before his unexpected death late last year, the percussion experimentalist imported global rhythms into mainstream media, but the spiritual realm was never far behind.
  • Product Test. Kopf S-Series DoubleShot Cajon
  • Lessons. Glen Caruba gets tricky with tambourine syncopations. Richie Gajate Garcia doubles up the rhythms with djembe and cajon.
  • The Best iPhone Music Apps For 2013
  • TrapKAT 5KS
  • Mapex MyDentity Series
  • Evans G1 Heads With Level 360 Collar
  • Lessons. Matt Byrne breaks out of the 4/4 bubble with some rock beats in 11/8. Danny Gottlieb demonstrates some key off-beat comping licks. Wally Schnalle expands the jazz vocabulary times three.
  • Workshop. How To Play Charts With Feeling
  • Jeffrey Clemens. The G. Love skinsman has never had a better reason to party.

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