DRUM! February 2012

DRUM! February 2012Журнал для барабанщиков “Drum!” за февраль 2012 г.

Ноты для ударных.


  • Cymbals: The Whole Story. What’s with our enduring fascination with bronze discs? From ancient bacchanals to modern arena rock, the cymbal abides.
  • Forging Methods. The four main approaches to cymbal making from around the world.
  • Cymbal Timeline. Highlights from the Bronze Age to the information age.

  • Cymbal Selection Pie Chart. An exhaustive guide to today’s range of finishes and textures and what they mean for your sound.
  • The Art Of Cymbal Smacking: A Visual Guide. Maximize the quality of sounds you draw from your cymbals.
  • Testing Tips. Fail-safe strategies to determine the cymbal that’s right for you.
  • Cymbal Perspectives. My life in search of the perfect cymbal sound.
  • Matt Nolan. The DIY cymbalsmith expands the sonic and visual paradigm.
  • All About The Gong. The skinny on the outsize percussion accoutrement.
  • Choice Pies From The Ultimate Collection. A tour of some magnificent gems.
  • The Complete Cymbal Company Directory Manufacturers from A to Z.
  • Poncho Sanchez. The percussionist known as El Conguero takes the lessons of his idols to new heights.
  • Product Test. New gear from LP, DingDrum, and Z-Stik.
  • Lessons. Taku Hirano teaches us the value of multitasking with our percussion cymbals; Glen Caruba shows us a cymba trick that’s a snap to master.
  • How To Record Cymbals. The crispest chick, liquid-sounding crash, and crystalline ping await you — minus the harshness.
  • Dialed In Zildjian Gen 16 AE Cymbals
  • Natal Drums And Hardware
  • Cymbal Polish Shootout. We put the leading metal balms to the ultimate test.
  • Sam Loeffler. For the Chevelle drummer, tracking “Face To The Floor” from new album Hats Off To The Bull was a serious headache.
  • PRACTICE PAD. Billy Martin juices the shuffle; Rich Redmond lays into the cymbals; Matt Byrne is hot for the hats; and Wally Schnalle spells out the V Stick technique

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